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The Lord is My Shepherd

Various Composers

Seraphim Six Orthodox Children’s Chorale
Anne Schoepp and Alice Hughes
Seraphim Six Productions
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This CD, sung in English, offers children opportunities to participate in services.   The sound of children lifting their voices in songs of praise to their Creator, this collection of music has been created to help children enter into the holy task, and has indeed been used by children during weekday Liturgies, festal celebrations, in the home and at school.  Most of the hymns have been arranged specifically to address the needs of the young singer, or small adult choirs. Text of the hymns are included in the booklet.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Blessed Are You, O Lord (Matins) 2:45
2 Only Begotten Son 0:57
3 Trisagion 1:42
4 Alleluia 0:32
5 The Cherubic Hymn 2:45
6 The Nicene Creed 1:56
7 Holy, Holy, Holy 0:46
8 It Is Truly Right 1:05
9 The Lords Prayer 0:46
10 Blessed Is He 0:43
11 Receive the Body 0:46
12 The Cup of Salvation 1:19
13 Blessed Be the Name 0:25
14 It Is Truly Right 2:07
15 St. Nicholas Carol 1:19
16 O Great and Glorious Wonder 1:01
17 Christ Is Born! 0:24
18 We Learned from the Angel 2:37
19 Rejoice, Virgin Theotokos 0:56
20 By Raising Lazarus 0:37
21 From the Mouths of Babes 2:25
22 As Many As Have Been Baptized 1:25
23 Lifted Up of Your Own Will 0:39
24 Christ is Risen 1:17
25 Christ is Risen 0:48
26 Filled with Gladness 2:13
27 Blessed are You, O Christ Our God! 0:33
28 Their Proclamation Has Gone Out 1:06
29 The Lord Is My Shepherd 1:22
30 Many Years! 0:26