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Roman Hurko: Vespers and Requiem for Chernobyl

Roman Hurko

Vydubychi Church Chorus and Frescoes of Kyiv Chamber Choir
Volodymyr Viniar and Oleksandr Bondarenko
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Due to popular demand, Roman Hurko’s Vespers (2005) and Requiem/Panachyda (2001) have been re-issued together on a single CD. April 26, 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster. This new CD re-issue comes accompanied by a beautiful booklet with large print, so that the original text and English translation can be easily followed by the listener. 

Roman Hurko’s Vespers (in Ukrainianized Church Slavonic) was recorded by the Vydubychi Church Chorus in 2005 and and sold out very quickly. This is liturgical music of extraordinary beauty, given a skillful and sensitive rendition by the Vydubychi Chorus, a fine professional choir from Ukraine. It has also been performed by numerous choirs around the world, most recently by the Ewashko Singers in Ottawa, as well as by Kliros in Portland, Oregon. Selections, such as “Svite Tychyj” and “Hospody Vozzvach” have been performed in many countries including Canada, France, and Serbia. “Bohorodytse Divo” has been especially popular with choral groups.

The sheet music for Vespers is published by Musica Russica, catalog number Hu-V http://www.musicarussica.com/collections/hu-v.
 "Bohorodytse Divo" is also available in an English arrangement here:  http://www.musicarussica.com/sheet_music_pieces/omp-hu-v13e

Roman Hurko’s Requiem/Panachyda for the Victims of Chornobyl (which has also been out of print for some time) was composed in Ukrainian to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the nuclear disaster in 2001. This work epitomizes the kind of music that makes Hurko’s works so appealing—extremely tuneful and harmonically consonant, expressing a profound sense of sacredness and reverence. The expressive and finely nuanced singing, by the Frescoes of Kyiv Chamber Choir, one of the finest choirs in Ukraine, does fine justice to the music. This work has been performed by the Estudi XX Cor de Terrassa in Barcelona, Spain; The Elmer Iseler Singers in Toronto, Canada;  The Queensland University Musical Society in Australia, as well as the Spiritus Chamber Choir in Calgary, Canada.

Ukrainian-Canadian composer Roman Hurko has been a favorite with Musica Russica’s customers for some time. His other offerings in our catalog include Liturgy No. 2—cat. no. K042-downloadable; and Liturgy No. 3 in English—cat. no I-104. —V. M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Roman Hurko Come, Let Us Worship Hu-V01 1:47
2 Roman Hurko Bless the Lord, O My Soul Hu-V02 3:12
3 Roman Hurko Great Litany Hu-V03 3:54
4 Roman Hurko Blessed is the Man 4:07
5 Roman Hurko Litany 4:08
6 Roman Hurko Lord, I have cried Hu-V06 4:41
7 Roman Hurko Gladsome Light Hu-V07 2:58
8 Roman Hurko Prokeimenon 1:58
9 Roman Hurko Litany 2:38
10 Roman Hurko Vouchsafe, O Lord 3:17
11 Roman Hurko Litany 3:40
12 Roman Hurko Song St. Symeon Hu-V12 2:44
13 Roman Hurko Hail Mother of God Hu-V13 2:29
14 Roman Hurko Blessed be the Name of the Lord :41
15 Roman Hurko Dismissal 2:41
16 Roman Hurko Holy God (Trisagion) 6:02
17 Roman Hurko Our Father 3:53
18 Roman Hurko With the Just Spirits 6:41
19 Roman Hurko Litany 2:17
20 Roman Hurko Dismissal 4:46
21 Roman Hurko Everlasting Memory 4:10

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