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Hymns of the Nativity of Christ (2 CD set)

Various Composers and Arrangers

St. Symeon Orthodox Church Choir (Birmingham, Alabama)
Alex Fecanin
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From the Choir of St. Symeon the New Theologian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, comes another fine collection of Orthodox liturgical hymns. Sung in crisp, well-articulated English, it reflects the musical and stylistic variety that typifies flourishing Orthodox parishes in North America. Slavic-style choral hymns line up alongside Byzantine-style chants; arrangements by well-known Orthodox composers alternate with unusual and rarely head adaptations (mostly by the ensemble’s enterprising director, Alexander Fecanin), all skillfully rendered by this group of young, energetic, and versatile singers. The sound of this ensemble is tuneful, synchronized, transparent and clear, which is especially crucial when they break into rich, eight-part harmony, typical of the Russian Moscow School. Featured on this 2-disc set are the main hymns—ordinaries and propers—of the Nativity Vigil, as well as several traditional Ukrainian and Carpatho-Russian carols, a truly sumptuous musical banquet that will be certain to enrich your Nativity celebration. Highly recommended! —V. M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery Chant O Ye Angelic Hosts" - Stikhera Tone 6 1:24
2 Byzantine Chant Hymns of the Prefeast - Tone 4 and Byzantine Tone 3, Today the Virgin 3:34
3 Ivan Smirnov God Is With Us 3:17
4 Boris Ledkovsky, arr. Apostikha Hymns - Stikhera Tones 2 and 3, Kievan Chant 3:28
5 Byzantine Chant Apostikha Doxastikhon - Tone 4, Byzantine Chant 4:56
6 Johann Von Gardner Verses Before the Six Psalms 3:17
7 Stepan Smolensky Great Litany 4:06
8 Common Russian Chant God is the Lord; Troparion of Nativity - Tone 4, Obikhod 3:44
9 Byzantine Chant Kathisma Hymns - Tone 4, Byzantine Chant, Joseph was Amazed 2:01
10 Common Chant (Russian Imperial Court) Magnification of Nativity - Obikhod 1:28
11 Kievan Monastery of the Caves (Kievo-Pechersk) Melody Sessional Hymn After the Polyeleos; From My Youth - Troparion Tone 4 4:25
12 Dmitry Yaichkov Nativity Matins Prokeimenon - Tone 4 2:45
13 Alexander Kastalsky, arr. Post-Gospel Verses - Stikhera Tones 2 and 6, Znamenny Chant 1:48
14 Boris Ledkovsky, arr. Post-Gospel Stikheron, Glory to God in the Highest - Znamenny Chant 2:27
15 Russian "Greek" Chant Canon: Odes 1 & 3 - Tone 1, Russian Greek Chant 3:35
16 Russian "Greek" Chant The Hypakoe - Troparion Tone 8, Russian Greek Chant 1:40
17 Byzantine Chant Sessional Hymn After Ode 3 - Tone 8, Byzantine Chant, When the Bodiless One 1:24
18 Russian "Greek" Chant Canon: Odes 4, 5, & 6 - Tone 1, Russian Greek Chant 5:20
19 Dmitry Bortniansky Kontakion and Ikos of Nativity 3:16
20 Russian "Greek" Chant Canon: Odes 7 & 8 - Tone 1, Russian Greek Chant 4:15
21 Romanian Chant Canon: Ode 9 - Tone 1, Romanian Chant 8:45
22 Russian "Greek" Chant Irmos of the 2nd Canon, Ode 9 - Tone 1, Russian Greek Chant 0:52
23 A. Tretyakov Exapostilarion of Nativity 1:52
24 Boris Ledkovsky, arr. Praises Doxastikha - Stikhera Tones 6 and 2, Kievan Chant 2:44
25 Optina Monastery Melody Great Doxology - after Stikhera Tone 6 "Having Placed All Their Hope," 5
26 Alaskan Melody Troparion of Nativity - Tone 4 1:01
27 Ukrainian Kant, arr. W. Obleschuk The Lord Has Sent Redemption 1:45
28 Carpatho-Rusyn Carol Heaven and Earth - Carpatho-Russian Carol 2:11
29 Carpatho-Rusyn Carol There Was Great Rejoicing 1:29
30 Carpatho-Rusyn Carol Eternal God; On This Bright Day 1:26
31 Alexander Kastalsky Troparion of Theophany - Tone 1, Znamenny Chant 2

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