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Thy Passion; Byzantine Chant of Holy Week

Byzantine Chant

Boston Byzantine Choir
Charles Marge
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On this CD, Boston Byzantine Choir continues their work of recording traditional Byzantine chant in English. This selection of hymns begins with Lazarus Saturday (the Saturday preceding Palm Sunday) and continues through Holy and Great Friday. The recording includes well known Holy Week hymns such as the "Troparion for Lazarus Saturday," "Behold the Bridegroom," "Thy Bridal Chamber," and the "Lamentations." It also features some new and unique offerings such as "Rejoice, O Bethany" (a hymn for Palm Sunday from Palestine), "Out of the Mouths of Babes," and the rendition of the "Hymn of Kassiani." The CD includes liner notes with an introduction by Fr. Anthony Hughes, and full hymn text in English.

By: Benjamin Williams


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Byzantine Chant When Thou Didst Raise Lazarus
2 Byzantine Chant Rejoice, O Bethany
3 Byzantine Chant Out of the Mouth of Babes
4 Byzantine Chant When We Were Buried With Thee
5 Byzantine Chant Alleluias of Holy Week
6 Byzantine Chant Alleluias of Holy Week
7 Byzantine Chant Behold, the Bridegroom
8 Byzantine Chant Thy Bridal Chamber
9 Byzantine Chant Hymn of Kassiani
10 Byzantine Chant When the Glorious Desciples
11 Byzantine Chant 15th Antiphon of Holy Friday Matins
12 Byzantine Chant Troparia of Holy Saturday
13 Byzantine Chant The Soldiers Keeping Watch
14 Byzantine Chant Canon of Holy Saturday
15 Byzantine Chant Lamentations - 1st Stasis
16 Byzantine Chant Lamentations - 2nd Stasis
17 Byzantine Chant Evlogitaria of the Resurrection
18 Byzantine Chant Trisagion
19 Byzantine Chant Lamentations - 3rd Stasis

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