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Mercy of Peace

Living H2O
CD Price: $14.98


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"Mercy of Peace" is the first CD of liturgical music by a group of young Orthodox musicians from Holy Dormition Church in Santa Rosa, California, known in their folk music-making efforts as the Living H20 Band. Fans of folk and bluegrass with a spiritual twist will enjoy their pervious CD entitled "Well That's Never Dry." In turning to liturgical music, four members of the band dip into their wealth of experience singing in tight and tuneful harmony to present lovely renditions of a variety of hymns, ranging from psalms and festal troparia to hymns from Vespers and Divine Liturgy, drawn from arrangements in both the choral and the chant style. From their singing, it is evident that these young people, in contrast to many of their generation, have grasped and understood the Orthodox virtues of spiritual serenity and peacefulness. The repertoire they sing, drawn from Bulgaria, Russia, Greece, Georgia (and America), reflects the exciting and all-embracing (universal) stylistic synthesis that is already occurring in the liturgical singing of the Orthodox Church in North America.--V.M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Valaam Chant Let All Mortal Flesh 03:40
2 Archpriest Lawrence Margitich Psalm 22 01:32
3 Byzantine Chant O Gladsome Light 01:28
4 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant The Great Prokeimenon 01:25
5 Sakellarides, arr., Awed By the Beauty 01:40
6 Znamenny Chant Prayer of St. Symeon 01:19
7 Bulgarian Chant Rejoice, O Virgin 01:25
8 Bulgarian Chant Troparion of the Dormition, Tone 1 00:48
9 Byzantine Chant Tone 1 Psalm 132 01:55
10 Byzantine Chant Tone 5 Psalm 135 05:20
11 Tone 7, Prokeimenon - Arise, O God 03:05
12 Bulgarian Chant Troparion of St. John of Rila - Tone 1 00:56
13 Bulgarian Chant Kontation of St. John of Rila - Tone 8 01:11
14 Byzantine Melody Song of the Three Children 01:24
15 Georgian Chant Cherubic Hymn 03:28
16 Russian Melody From Mt. Athos Anaphora 04:23
17 Petar Dinev, arr. It Is Truly Meet 02:17
18 Bulgarian Chant Lord's Prayer (Tone 5) 02:04
19 Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov Come, Bless the Lord (Ps. 134) 03:03

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