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Behold Your God

St. Seraphim/Protection of the Holy Virgin Choir, Santa Rosa, California
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This CD offers a veritable panoply of "Orthodox sounds" -- bell-ringing, scripture readings, singing, alternately by choirs of men's, women's, and mixed voices, chants of Russian Znamenny and Kievan, Serbian, Carpatho-Russian, and Byzantine Chants. All this is representative of the incredibly rich liturgical musical life practiced at the Protection of the Holy Virgin/St. Seraphim Parish in Santa Rosa, California, inspired and guided by its pastor, Fr. Lawrence Margitich. The musical selections are punctuated by readings, resembling a type of "lessons and carols" format, which, though not strictly liturgical, serves to illustrate the intimate link between Holy Scripture and Orthodox hymnography. The scope and variety of repertoire are truly "encyclopedic," showing how chants of many cultures and time periods can be adapted to the needs of Orthodoxy in the English-speaking world. Both inspirational and educational, this CD will provide an enjoyable listening experience, whether during the festal period of the "Winter Pascha" that it encompasses, or at any other time of the year.--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Bell-Ringing 02:14
2 Znamenny Chant O House of Ephratha 02:54
3 Reading from Luke 2:1-7 00:51
4 Znamenny Chant When Augustus Reigned Alone 01:43
5 Reading from Luke 2:8-20 01:44
6 Lesser Znamenny Chant Glory to God in the Highest Post-Gospel Nativity 00:51
7 Matthew 1:18-25 01:22
8 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant God is with Us 05:30
9 Reading from Matthew 2:1-12 01:50
10 Znamenny Chant Thou Wast Born Secretly Paramia I 03:09
11 Byzantine Chant Nativity Kontakion 01:21
12 Serbian Melody Nativity Troparion 01:00
13 Patristic Reading, St. Gregory the Theologian 02:08
14 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant Nativity Canon 02:50
15 Patristic Reading, St. Gregory the Theologian 01:20
16 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant Nativity Troparion 00:43
17 Znamenny Chant Nativity Exapostelarion 01:12
18 Znamenny Chant Nativity Troparion 00:52
19 Reading from John 1:1-18 02:03
20 Znamenny Chant Today He Who Holds 05:12
21 Great Blessing of the Water Bell-Ringing 02:19
22 Reading from Mark 1:1-11 01:25
23 Thou Who Hast Created the World 03:00
24 Byzantine Chant Theophany Troparion 02:09
25 Znamenny Chant 2nd Antiphon of Theophany 01:59
26 Prayer for the blessing of Water 02:34
27 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant Three Hymns from the Blessing of Water 01:51
28 Znamenny Chant Prokeimenon 00:58
29 Znamenny Chant Today Christ has Come 01:17
30 Byzantine Chant The Grace of God 01:33
31 Reading from Luke 2:22-40 02:36
32 Ascension Monastery Melody Rejoice, O Virgin 01:02
33 Russian Chant O Virgin Theotokos, thou Hope of Christians 01:25
34 Znamenny Chant He Who Was Born on High 02:41
35 Kievan Chant Lord Now Lettest 01:48
36 O My Most Blessed Queen 04:26
37 Processional Bell-Ringing

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