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Good and Faithful Servant

Choir of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, San Anselmo, CA
Archpriest Stephan Meholick
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The choir of St. Nicholas Church celebrates the 50th anniversary of the parish with this premiere recording of 26 hymns from Nativity, Lent, Pascha, and the Feast of St. Nicholas, and three tracks of bell ringing. The hymns represented here reflect the rich and varied practice of liturgical singing at the parish, drawing upon a number of different chant traditions. Many arrangements, especially those by Fr. Stephan Meholick, have rarely been heard elsewhere; other settings reflect the works of local contemporary composers and church cantors. A variety of “model melodies” (prosomoia, podobny) are featured. The choir is well disciplined and well led by its conductor, whose remarkable and varied musical gifts are evident on this CD.--V.M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Andrei Dyachkov Blagovest and Optina Trezvon 01:16
2 Galician Model Melody Good and Faithful Servant 01:17
3 Bulgarian Chant In Myra, O Saint 01:01
4 Model Melody "Hearken, O Women" Guardian of Widows 01:24
5 Galician Model Melody Proceed, O Angelic Powers 04:47
6 Anonymous Praise the Name of the Lord 02:30
7 Anonymous Christ is Born, Odes 1-8 03:40
8 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant Nativity Canon; 9th Ode 01:04
9 Traditional Our Savior, the Dayspring (Exapostilarion for Nativity of Christ) 02:03
10 Carpathian 'Bulgarian' Heaven and Earth are United Today 01:32
11 Anonymous Gladsome Light (Slavonic) 02:06
12 Georgievsky Trezvon 01:22
13 Carpathian Turn Not Thy Face 06:00
14 Galician All of Creation 02:00
15 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant Let My Prayer Arise 06:29
16 Out of the Mouths 02:04
17 Bulgarian Folk Melody Hymn of Cassia 07:20
18 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant Thy Bridal Chamber 01:36
19 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant Of Thy Mystical Supper 01:53
20 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant The Wise Thief (Slavonic) 02:00
21 Maia Aprahamian The Cross 02:09
22 Maia Aprahamian The Light of Thy Countenance 02:05
23 Johann von Gardner, arr. Arise, O God 02:47
24 Carpatho-Rusyn Chant Very Early in the Morning 01:21
25 Georgian Chant Christ is Risen (Georgian) 01:30
26 Serbian Canon Melody Christ is Risen (Serbian) 01:21
27 Our Savior, the Dayspring (Exapostilarion for All Saints of North America) 01:45
28 Model Melody "Having Set All Their Hope" Rejoice, O Hills of Northern California 02:08
29 Andrei Dyachkov Festal Trezvon 03:05

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