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Treasury of Spiritual Songs

Nuns of St. Paisius Monastery
St. Paisius
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In 2002, the Nuns of St. Paisius Serbian Monastery in Safford, Arizona released "Dukhovna Lira" (The Spiritual Lyre), cat. no. K40 -- a CD of Serbian spiritual songs, on texts by St. Nikolai (Velimirovic) (+ 1956). On the present CD many of these simple, endearing melodies have been translated into English. As before, they are sung with lovely simplicity and musicality by the small choir of nuns of St. Paisius Monastery. This CD highlights and revives the historically important tradition of Orthodox non-liturgical songs with a spiritual content, that has largely been neglected among modern-day Orthodox, but which is, nevertheless, an important traditional means of educating and nurturing both children and adults in the faith.--V.M.


No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Jesus Prayer 01:33
2 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai Great Martyr Euphemia 02:15
3 St. John Of Kronstadt Monastery An Orphan's Plea 02:24
4 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai Great Martyr George 02:33
5 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai Theophany 02:26
6 Russian Melody Psalm 120 03:02
7 Thaisia, Abbess To Father John 02:53
8 St. Nicholas Monastery Thou Art my Mother 04:11
9 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai Archangel Michael 02:22
10 Protection of the Virgin 02:54
11 Thaisia, Abbess The Sea of Life 02:38
12 St. Romanos The Melodist, Joseph was Amazed 01:21
13 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai Jesus, a Small Child 02:34
14 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai People, Rejoice! 02:31
15 Thaisia, Abbess Kazan Mother of God 05:33
16 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai Prayer on the Resurrection 03:14
17 Russian Pilgrim'S Song Rejoice, O Holy Russia 06:46
18 N.V. Gogol O Holy Mother 02:29
19 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai Mighty Bells 02:26
20 St. Nicholas Monastery Pascha 02:54
21 Velimirovic, St. Nikolai Do You Know…? 03:18
22 St. Nicholas Monastery Jesus Prayer 01:26

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