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Flowers of Joy and Sorrow

Festal Choir of St. Elizabeth Monastery, Minsk
Nun Iuliania (Denisova)
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This is a universal-format DVD of a remarkable concert of sacred music of a type that is becoming widespread in contemporary Russia and the CIS. Part sermon, part concert, it features several introductory talks by Archpriest Artemy Vladimirov, addressed to the audience, about the challenges of contemporary life and the beneficial influence of sacred music. These are interspersed into a concert program that is original and innovative, particularly for that part of the Orthodox world: it features a number of Byzantine chant arrangements (sung in Church Slavonic), znamenny chant arrangements, and compositions mostly by the conductor, Nun Iuliania (Denisova). The second half of the concert presents a number of Belorussian folk songs and spiritual verses by contemporary Russian and Belorussian composers. The choir of young professional voices negotiates the unusual technical requirements of the music with precision, musicality, and spirited energy. It is also quite interesting to see visuals of the conductor, the singers, and the audience. Titles on the digipak are given in Russian and English; the video, however, has no subtitles, which would have made this a truly five-star production. A highly satisfying viewing and listening experience!



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Introduction by Archpriest Artemios Vladimirov
2 Rev Sergius Fedorov Bless the Lord, O My Soul
3 Russian "Greek" Chant Polieley
4 Byzantine Chant Kyrie Elesion
5 Byzantine Chant Three Paschal Chants
6 Byzantine Chant Psalm 33
7 Russian "Greek" Chant All Creation Rejoices in Thee
8 Word by Archpriest Artemios Vladimirov
9 Znamenny Chant This Time to Repent
10 Znamenny Chant The Fruitless Tree
11 Znamenny Chant Lord of Hosts, Be with Us
12 Heirmoi of Resurrectional Canon in Tone 6
13 Word by Archpriest Artemios Vladimirov
14 Anastasia Denisova A Tear
15 Belarussian canticle Three Angels
16 Belarussian folk song On the Hill
17 Russian Folk Song Near the Woods
18 O Most Holy Theotokos
19 My Days
20 Red Village
21 You Simply Have to Love

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