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My Heart is Ready, from the "Psalms of David"

Yuri Yukechev

Russian Chamber Chorus of New York
Nikolai Kachanov
Helicon Music, Ltd.
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Don't be misled by the trendy subtitle of this disc--"New Age Russian Chant." The music presented here is certainly not chant and has little to do with "New Age," whatever that may be. It is simply hauntingly beautiful choral music composed by a Russian composer from Siberia, Yuri Yukechev, a virtual unknown in the West. Particularly stunning are the first eight pieces for women's voices, settings of verses from the Psalms of David in contemporary Russian (not the Church Slavonic used in the Russian Orthodox Church). The rest of the pieces are on various secular poetic texts, including some from the Carmina Burana. Yukechev's writing is quite melodic and contrapuntal, with some elements of minimalism, but for the most part it is representative of Russian choral composers' preoccupation with sonorous beauty and consonance. The Russian Chamber Chorus of New York, a dedicated amateur group (comprised for the most part of non-Russians), comes very close to achieving a high professional standard in this, their first major CD release. The program notes (E only) are sparse, consisting for the most part of the English text translations. Lovers of beautiful choral music should not miss this recording!



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Yuri Yukechev I lie down, from 'My Heart Is Ready' CMR005-1 01:58
2 Yuri Yukechev Be Merciful to Me, from 'My Heart Is Ready' CMR005-2 02:06
3 Yuri Yukechev The sorrows, from 'My Heart Is Ready' CMR005-3 02:47
4 Yuri Yukechev Turn from evil, from 'My Heart Is Ready' 03:53
5 Yuri Yukechev I live, from 'My Heart Is Ready' 06:35
6 Yuri Yukechev Our days, from 'My Heart Is Ready' 04:03
7 Yuri Yukechev Then I called, from 'My Heart Is Ready' 03:51
8 Yuri Yukechev My heart is ready, from 'My Heart Is Ready' CMR005-8 02:21
9 Yuri Yukechev O Beauty 02:56
10 Yuri Yukechev Chant 03:52
11 Yuri Yukechev Prologue 03:14
12 Yuri Yukechev Winter 02:09
13 Yuri Yukechev Spring 03:36
14 Yuri Yukechev Summer 02:24
15 Yuri Yukechev Autumn 04:01
16 Yuri Yukechev Epilogue 03:54

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