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Favorite Russian Songs

Various Composers

Choir of the Sretensky Monastery, Moscow
Nikon Zhila
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From the time of its founding in the 1990s, the Choir of the Sretensky Monastery has cultivated not only the performance of sacred hymns but Russian folksongs as well, in recognition of the fact that folksongs constitute an important aspect of Russian national culture and serve as an important vehicle of the Orthodox Church's outreach to the Russian population. These same folksongs, whether performed by the Don Cossacks or the Red Army Chorus, have, of course, smitten non-Russian listeners as well for decades. In this reviewer's opinion, the style of singing practiced by the Sretensky Choir is more appropriate for folk songs than liturgical hymns. We thus, highly recommend this CD, which contains a mix of very traditional and some fresh, new material, to all lovers of Russian folksongs and men's choral singing. The packaging of this rare gift edition, not available through regular retail outlets, is in English.—V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Ah, The Steppe So Wide 4:13
2 The Battalion Has Advanced 1:32
3 Down The Mother Volga 3:48
4 Oh, To The Hills! 1:47
5 In The Smithy 1:52
6 How The Mist Has Cleared 3:13
7 On The Hill, On The Mountain 1:19
8 Evening Bells 2:10
9 Misty Morning 3:12
10 White Acacias 3:27
11 South Of My Troubled Youth 3:33
12 The Enemy Burned My Family Home 4:26
13 I Will Go With My Horse To The Field By Night 4:27
14 Spring Shall Come, But Not For Me 3:39
15 Brothers, It's Good To Live 7:11

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