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Faith and Hope [Foi et esp_rance]

Valaam Brethren Choir
Hieromonk David (Legeida)
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In 2009, the venerable Valaam Monastery celebrated 20 years since its re-opening and revival in post-Communist Russia. During those 20 years, the monasterys musical traditions have been uniquely shaped by the vision and activity of its choir directors, first Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev) and more recently, Hieromonk David (Legeida). Taking the ancient local Valaam chant variants and other melodies, they have wedded it to the Byzantine manner of liturgical chanting by adding an ison (drone) that is not apparent in the notation. In this respect, they follow the direction of chant scholar Anatoly Konotop, who has suggested that certain heretofore uninterpretable markings in the manuscripts are indicators of the ison. From another direction, the Valaam Brethren Choir have taken traditional Greek Byzantine melodies and adapted them into Church Slavonic, thus retracing the process that had occurred centuries earlier. The hymns on this CD are all new recordings, free of the sometimes heavy-handed electronic studio enhancement that characterized some of Fr. Ghermans earlier efforts; refreshingly, the ison is sung by real voices, rather than rendered by an ison machine. The beautiful booklet of this French edition contains an introduction and text translations in French and English. This is a must-have recent recording for all who have enjoyed previous releases from the Valaam Monastery Brethren.--V. M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Valaam Chant Turn Not Away Thy Face
2 Russian "Greek" Chant In Thee Rejoiceth
3 Znamenny Chant What Shall We Offer Thee, O Christ
4 Russian "Greek" Chant Troparion of the Nativity of Christ
5 Byzantine Chant The Polyeleos
6 Kievan Chant Megalynarion of the Nativity of Christ
7 Valaam Chant By The Rivers of Babylon
8 Byzantine Chant The Assembly of Angels
9 Znamenny Chant When You Beheld Your Son and Master
10 Znamenny Chant O Lord of Hosts
11 Kievan Chant The Star from Jacob Has Risen in the Cave
12 Russian "Greek" Chant Kontakion of the Nativity of Christ
13 Byzantine Chant The Paschal Troparion

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