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Ancient Church Singing of Byzantium, Georgia, and Russsia

Sreteniye Ensemble
Igor Sakhno
AZ Records
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Four young men from Ukraine, gifted with extraordinary voices, took it upon themselves to master the liturgical style of singing of four Orthodox cultures: Byzantine, Georgian, Balkan, and Russian, both unison and polyphonic. They studied with such leading practitioners as Lycourgos Angelopoulos, and developed an expertise that not only allows them to capture the essence of each respective style, but also to imbue their singing with great spiritual focus and power. This CD serves both as an excellent introduction to a variety of Orthodox styles, and also as a truly inspiring listening experience to lovers of fine men's ensemble singing. More than that, the singing of the “Sretenie” Ensemble exemplifies a rarely-heard seriousness of purpose, a “sobriety” that all interpreters of Orthodox liturgical singing would do well to emulate.--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Bulgarian Chant We hymn Thee 03:01
2 Byzantine Chant Psalm 145 and Only begotten Son 03:21
3 Georgian Chant Alleluia 01:11
4 Strochny (Linear) Polyphony Come, let us worship 00:42
5 Strochny (Linear) Polyphony Holy God 01:56
6 Znamenny Chant All of creation rejoices 04:10
7 Byzantine Chant Paschal Canon, Ode 1 05:17
8 Strochny (Linear) Polyphony Excerpts from the Divine Liturgy 03:27
9 Georgian Chant Christ is risen 03:45
10 Georgian Chant Before Thy Cross 01:53
11 Byzantine Chant Rejoice, O Virgin 31:34
12 Imeret-Gurian Chant Eucharistic Canon (excerpt) 03:24
13 Byzantine Chant It is truly fitting 02:18
14 Bulgarian Chant Praise the name of the Lord 05:23
15 Sakhno, I. My soul, my soul, arise 02:27

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