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Resurrection of Christ: Pascha, volume 2

Various Chants and Composers

Amvrosiy's Choir
Hieromonk Amvrosiy (Nossov)
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This is another attractive recording of selections from the Paschal Matins and Liturgy, the Russian release of our previous catalog number B031, which is no longer available. Although the thematic selection of the mateiral is the same, the musical selections are completely different from CD C125, which shows the richness and breadth of the Russian Orthdodox repertoire for the "Feasts of Feasts." As on CD C125, the repertoire is somewhat unusual, ranging from ancient chants and polyphony to Italian-style sacred concertos, reflecting Fr. Amvrosy's thorough knowledge of the literature. The 14-voice male choir has a nice, mellow sound and a tight sense of ensemble. This is not a secular choir performing church music, a fact that is reflected in their interpretation of the music. The titles and notes are in Russian only. Like its companion, CD C125, this disc will enrich any collection of Orthodox Paschal and male chorus music.--V. M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Soloviev, Dmitry The resurrection O Christ Savior 2:44
2 Miliy Balakirev Christ is risen from the dead 1:18
3 Archimandrite Feofan Aleksandrov Canon. tone 1, Odes 1, 3, 6 2:42
4 Demestvenny Chant Canon. Ode 9 2:52
5 Baldassare Galuppi Exapostelarion 4:34
6 Archimandrite Feofan Aleksandrov Paschal Hours 4:26
7 Alexander Nikolsky Paschal beginning 5:44
8 Peter Tchaikovsky Only-Begotten Son 1:53
9 N. Lebedev The Introit; Troparion 1:19
10 Alexander Kastalsky As many as have been baptized into Christ; Prokimenon 4:26
11 Pavel Chesnokov Alleluia 2
12 Peter Tchaikovsky Cherubic Himn 6:22
13 Pavel Chesnokov Creed 4:58
14 Peter Tchaikovsky The mercy of peace... We praise Thee Ta010mc 6:29
15 Priest Mikhail Vinogradov The Angel Cried 2:58
16 Stepan Degtiaryov Today all creation... 5:22
17 S. Zaitsev The Communinon verse 3:04
18 Dmitry Bortniansky This is the day which the Lord hath made 3:05
19 Mikhail Glinka Christ is risen from the dead 1:44
20 Vasily Titov Many Years 1:03

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