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All-Night Vigil (Vespers) Service

Choir of the Kiev Theological Academy and Seminary
Dmitry Bolgarsky
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The venerable monastic chant tradition of the Kievan Caves Monastery, which includes several centuries of singing in semi-improvised four-part harmony, is presented on this CD in all its richness and fullness. The choir’s singing reflects the sensitive and inspired leadership of Deacon Dmitry Bolgarsky (also featured on our CD cat. no. B71), which makes this a standout among a number of similar discs. Since the style of Kievan Caves Monastery was very influential throughout Russia, this CD will be recognized and appreciated by all lovers of “traditional” Russian monastic singing.--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Call to Worship 01:24
2 Come Let Us Worship 02:39
3 Bless the Lord, O My Soul 07:26
4 Blessed Is the Man 07:27
5 Lord, I Cry Unto Thee 01:20
6 Sticheron to the Holy Fathers Of Pecherskaya Lavra 02:04
7 Dogmaticon Tone 8 02:41
8 O Gladsome Radiance 01:38
9 The Lord Reigns, Prokimenon 02:59
10 O Wonderful Miracle, Sticheron at the Litia 01:29
11 O New Miracle, Sticheron to the Virgin Mary 02:38
12 Now Lettest Thou Depart 01:56
13 Troparion to the Holy Fathers of the Pecherskaya Lavra 01:08
14 Christ Has Risen from the Dead 01:46
15 Praise Ye the Name of the Lord 04:59
16 Magnification to the Holy Fathers of the Pecherskaya Lavra 01:39
17 From My Youth 02:13
18 The Great Doxology 07:25
19 Beneath Your Mercy 02:03
20 Bell Ringing 00:39

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