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The Day of Resurrection; Choir of the Valaam Monastery of the Transfiguration

Choir of the Valaam Monastery
Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
Orthodox Music
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The restoration of the Valaam Monastery in northern Russia has brought about a remarkable resurrection of the monastic chant tradition there, which can be heard now on an ongoing series of beautifully produced CDs. Not only are the recordings marked by a rare clarity and "presence," but the accompanying booklets are beautiful enough to be travel posters, depicting the serene beauty of Valaam Island! Spearheaded largely by Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev), this series features the use of authentic chants, a simplicity and austerity of performance manner, and in many instances, the use of ison --a drone sustained below the melody, familiar from Greek Byzantine liturgical singing. The result is totally unique, a marked contrast from the traditions of monastic singing at the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra or the Kievan Monastery of the Caves, which are much more "robust" by comparison. The unadorned vocal renditions of the Paschal service on this CD move along at a spirited tempo and fully communicate the luminous joy of the Paschal celebration. Even if this style seems unfamiliar at first, it will grow on you!--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Russian "Greek" Chant Stanza for the Procession with the Cross Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
2 Russian "Greek" Chant First Ode Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
3 Russian "Greek" Chant Third Ode Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
4 Znamenny Chant Hypakoe Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
5 Russian "Greek" Chant Fourth Ode Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
6 Russian "Greek" Chant Fifth Ode Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
7 Russian "Greek" Chant Sixth Ode Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
8 Znamenny Chant Kontakion Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
9 Russian "Greek" Chant Ikos Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
10 Znamenny Chant Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
11 Russian "Greek" Chant Christ is risen Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
12 Russian "Greek" Chant Seventh Ode Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
13 Russian "Greek" Chant Eighth Ode Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
14 Russian "Greek" Chant Ninth Ode Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
15 Znamenny Chant Exapostilarion Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
16 Valaam Chant Paschal verses 'Let God Arise' Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
17 Valaam Chant Troparion to St.John Chrysostom Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
18 Valaam Chant Paschal antiphons Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
19 Valaam Chant Paschal antiphons Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
20 Valaam Chant Paschal antiphons; troparion Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)
21 Georgian Chant Receive the Body of Christ; Paschal bell-ringing Hierodeacon Gherman (Ryabtsev)

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