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Passion Week, op. 58

Alexander Gretchaninoff

Phoenix Bach Choir; Kansas City Chorale
Charles Bruffy
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GRAMMY AWARD WINNER! Two of America’s finest a cappella choirs team up for this new recording of Gretchaninoff’s monumental Passion Week, a work composed and premiered in 1912, but which then lay silent for some eighty years before it was revived in the early 1990s in Russia by Valery Polyansky and the Russian State Symphonic Cappella (our cat. no. A001). Recently, the work has begun to attract the attention of non-Russian interpreters as well. In the case of Charles Bruffy, who has already performed a good deal of Russian Orthodox sacred music, and produced an exquisite recording of Rachmaninoff’s Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (our cat. no. A045), he clearly brings a new dimension of interpretive depth to this complex work. In Bruffy’s hands, the choral texture shimmers and breathes, magically expressing the subtle shadings that do justice to Gretchaninoff’s opulent score. This Super-Audio CD is a full 15 minutes longer than its Russian predecessor, and you, the fortunate listener, will treasure every minute of it! Excellent notes and text translations are provided in English, French, and German--V.M.



No. Composer Title Sheet Music Time Buy
1 Alexander Gretchaninoff Behold, The Bridegroom Gr044 05:52
2 Alexander Gretchaninoff I See Thy Bridal Chamber Gr045 02:40
3 Alexander Gretchaninoff In Thy Kingdom Gr046 07:40
4 Alexander Gretchaninoff Gladsome Light Gr047 03:22
5 Alexander Gretchaninoff Let My Prayer Be Set Forth Gr048 07:11
6 Alexander Gretchaninoff Now The Powers Of Heaven Gr049 07:20
7 Alexander Gretchaninoff At Thy Mystical Supper Gr050 05:45
8 Alexander Gretchaninoff The Wise Thief Gr051 03:32
9 Alexander Gretchaninoff Thou Who Clothest Thyself Gr052 05:35
10 Alexander Gretchaninoff The Lord Is God...The Noble Joseph Gr053 04:53
11 Alexander Gretchaninoff Weep Not For Me, O Mother Gr054 05:25
12 Alexander Gretchaninoff As Many Of you...Arise, O God Gr055 04:59
13 Alexander Gretchaninoff Let All Mortal Flesh Gr056 09:40

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