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Various Composers

2016-17 Packet of Sacred Works for Men's Chorus ~ 50% off

Church Slavonic
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Cn038mc CHESNOKOV ~  Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Blagoslovi, dushe) ttbb $1.95

In this arrangement Chesnokov uses a well-known Russian “Greek” Chant melody for this psalm, also used by Rachmaninoff in his All-Night Vigil, as well as by a number of other composers. The flowing melody is extremely singable, which, no doubt, accounts for its popularity among composers. The text, which opens every Orthodox vesper service, is a solemn hymn praising the wonders and majesty of God’s creation. (Also available for treble voices: cat. No. Cn038(wc)

Cn266mc CHESNOKOV, arr. Kotogarov ~ The Great Doxology (Slavosloviye velikoye) ttbb $3.95

The “Great Doxology,” a setting of the Orthodox “Gloria in excelsis Deo”from the All-Night Vigil, op. 44 (1913), shows Chesnokov at his most brilliant and colorful: trumpet-like fanfares alternate with more lyrical contrapuntal passages, culminating with a dramatic solo recitative on the words “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.” (This edition is an arrangement of Chesnokov’s original setting, which is scored for mixed chorus: cat. No. Cn266)

Cn031mc CHESNOKOV ~ It Is Truly Fitting (Dostoyno yest’) ttbb $1.95

Chesnokov’s setting of this hymn to the Virgin Mary from the Orthodox Divine Liturgy is gentle and caressing, with a skillfully crafted marriage between text and music. Slightly animated homophony and colorful harmony provide the musical interest. Originally conceived for a school choir of treble voices, this piece also sounds well performed by a men’s choir. The level of difficulty and the vocal ranges are not demanding.  (Also available for treble voices: cat. No. Cn031(wc)

Cn029mc CHESNOKOV ~ A Mercy of Peace (Milost’ mira) ttbb $2.45

Chesnokov sets the words of the Eucharistic Canon from the Orthodox Divine Liturgy to simple, yet lyric chant-like melodies, employing homophonic writing with just the right amount of polyphonic animation and interest. Initially written for a school choir of treble voices, this work is not difficult or demanding in terms of range or complexity, and can be performed with equal success by men’s voices. (Also available for treble voices: cat. No. Cn029(wc)

Cn267mc CHESNOKOV, arr. G. Smirnov ~ To Thee, the Victorious Leader (Vzbrannoy voyevode) ttbb $1.95

In this closing hymn from the Orthodox All-Night Vigil the Virgin Mary is seen as a victorious military commander leading the host of Christians into battle against enemies, both physical and spiritual. In his musical setting Chesnokov, however, chooses to praise the Virgin Mary not with fanfare and “fireworks,” as do some composers, but with heartfelt and stately serenity. (This edition is an arrangement of Chesnokov’s original setting, which is scored for mixed chorus: cat. No. Cn267).

 —Notes by Vladimir Morosan



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Various Composers


1st Time Bestsellers Men's

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