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2015 Packet of Sacred Works for Treble Chorus ~ 50% off

Church Slavonic
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Cn038(wc) CHESNOKOV ~ Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Blagoslovi, dushe) ssaa $1.95 

In this arrangement Chesnokov uses a well-known Russian “Greek” Chant melody for this psalm, also used by Rachmaninoff in his All-Night Vigil, as well as by a number of other composers. The flowing melody is extremely singable, which, no doubt, accounts for its popularity among composers. The text, which opens every Orthodox vesper service, is a solemn hymn praising the wonders and majesty of God’s creation. 

Cn043(wc) CHESNOKOV~ Praise the Name of the Lord (Hvalite imia Ghospodne) ssaa $1.95 

These psalm verses constitute the polyeleios—the hymn of “many mercies”—which is the most festive and joyful moment of the Orthodox All-Night Vigil service. This is one of Chesnokov’s several settings of this text, and here, as in his other versions, he succeeds in musically capturing this solemn moment. 

Cn045(wc) CHESNOKOV ~ My Soul, My Soul (Dushe Moya) ssaa $1.95 

“My Soul, My Soul” is a hymn sung during the first week of Orthodox Great Lent, in the middle of the Great Kanon of St. Andrew of Crete, a famous penitential poem dating from the late seventh or early eighth century. The composer interprets the text using a rich Romantic-era harmonic vocabulary, replete with chromaticism and dissonance, and expressive dynamic phrasing. This is a short miniature masterpiece that packs a lot of emotional power. In a concert setting, this work may be paired with Chesnokov’s “Open to Me the Doors of Repentance,” another miniature Lenten gem. 

Cn046(wc) - CHESNOKOV - Open to Me the Doors of Repentance (Pokayania otverzi mi dveri) ssaa $1.95 

“Open to Me the Doors of Repentance” may be regarded as the “theme song” of Orthodox Great Lent: it is first heard on the fourth preparatory Sunday before Lent begins and is then sung at Matins every Sunday thereafter. Using a rich harmonic vocabulary, Chesnokov creates an expressive, emotional vehicle for this powerful prayer of repentance. In a concert setting, this work may be paired with Chesnokov’s “My Soul, My Soul,” another miniature Lenten gem. 

—Notes by Vladimir Morosan


Table of Contents

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1 Pavel Chesnokov Bless the Lord, O My Soul Pdf_small
2 Pavel Chesnokov Praise the Name of the Lord Pdf_small
3 Pavel Chesnokov My Soul, My Soul Pdf_small
4 Pavel Chesnokov Open to Me the Doors of Repentance Pdf_small


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Various Composers


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